Fire update #7: Top three floors will reopen by end of October

Now that the cleanup and repairs from June’s fire have hit some key milestones, we wanted to provide an update.

While we initially hoped for a potential re-entry to the 3rd, 4th, and 5th floors of the main building toward the end of August or early September, the repairs are more significant than we originally anticipated. We now are aiming for access to the top three floors of the main building to be restored toward the end of October.

The crews are making good progress cleaning the plenum ceiling area on the top floors and fixing the drywall. Come September, while this cleaning continues, the crews will begin focusing on the restoration of the Council Room, followed by Roddick Room and other meeting rooms on the 2nd floor. This work on the meeting rooms is expected to continue until December.

Access to the Annex, now and during fall exams

At this point in time, any staff wishing to work onsite is welcome to access space in the Annex building. To accommodate for the anticipated increased demand this fall, we are performing ventilation work on the 3rd floor from August 23rd to September 2nd  (during this period 3rd floor annex will be closed), and we are working to formalize some more spaces for staff. This will also account for space required for exams, which will run from mid-August to the end of November. Final details on this additional space will be available later this month.

Reminder of 774 Echo building restrictions

As a friendly reminder, no entry is permitted unless authorized by your supervisor and after contacting Corporate Services and Facilities Management (CSFM) ( A member of the CSFM team will accompany any staff needing to retrieve materials from 774 Echo Drive. Reception has also been temporarily moved to the mail room given escalating activity in the main lobby and atrium. Mail is still located in the staff cloakroom, and you do not need permission to pick up mail from the cloakroom. We thank you for your patience during this time and we are committed to keeping you informed as the restoration efforts progress.

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