Update #6: Access to the main building restricted until further notice

Given the cleanup and repairs that are required following the fire in June, the main building at 774 Echo Drive is now deemed an active construction zone.  As a result of escalating work, the number of contractors onsite, and the fact that we have entered a phase that impacts all floors, we are going to restrict access to the main building until further notice.  

Until notified: 

  • No entry is permitted unless authorized by your supervisor and after contacting CSFM  (buildingservices@royalcollege.ca).  A member of the CSFM team will accompany any staff needing to retriever materials from 774 Echo Drive.  
  • Exceptions from this include reception, Domus (cleaning), service desk (IT), security guards and building operations, given the need for their onsite presence.  
  • Reception has also been temporarily moved to the mail room given escalating activity in the main lobby and atrium. Mail is still located in the staff cloakroom. 

If you are seeking to work in the Annex (780 Echo Drive), please visit the intranet for how to book.  

Update on restoration work 

Cleanup work continues to take place in the main building. Most recently, we have been removing ceiling tiles throughout the building to clean the plenum space, which will then be replaced with new ceiling tiles. Some impacted areas are also having dry wall replaced.  Given the age of our building and that some walls predate the major renovation from when the Royal College moved to 774 Echo, our contractors are implementing asbestos abatement procedures when removing drywall (negative pressurizing rooms, tenting of work areas to create contained work chambers, etc.) to ensure safety of contractors. Staff are not entering the containment areas being addressed. Only the trained professionals who conduct asbestos abatement are permitted when the abatement process is taking place. The containment areas with multiple chambers are to ensure there is no spread of material during the abatement process. 

There is a lot of work happening behind the scenes to ensure our operations continue to function seamlessly during the construction and clean up period. We will continue to keep you updated as work progresses, and details are finalized. Thank you all for your patience. 

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