Update #3: Details on impact and cleanup efforts

This morning Susan, as well as several members of the Crisis Management Team (CMT), toured the building and connected with onsite cleaning and restoration staff to get a clearer idea of where things currently stand.  At this point in time, this is what we know.  

Building to remain closed week of June 20-24

To ensure the cleaning and restoration teams can continue their important work, the main Royal College building will remain closed for next week (June 20-24). This is an evolving situation and at this time we would like staff to refrain from being on site. Please note that a limited number of additional spaces are available in the Annex, if you feel you need to be on site. Not all stations are currently equipped with docking stations and monitors, so when coming onsite, please be sure to bring your power cord and mouse. 

Plans to reopen to internal and external meetings 

It is most likely that the meeting rooms on the 3rd, 4th and 5th floors will be available shortly (for in-person only, no hybrid), however we anticipate the rooms on the 1st and 2nd floor will be closed for the foreseeable future.  Further details on this will be available next week.   

Reopening the building to meetings with external visitors/guests will require the 1st and 2nd floor meeting rooms to be restored and the audiovisual equipment to be replaced, which will take some additional time.   

At this point in time, we encourage meeting organizers to find alternative arrangements for all meetings that were booked onsite up until the end of June and anticipate it’s unlikely we will be able to host external meetings onsite in July or August.   This is tied closely to the challenges with supply chains, as we anticipate it will take longer to acquire some of the materials and equipment that will be required.  Our hope is to provide a clearer idea of timelines with you by the end of June.  

No significant damage to irreplaceable pieces   

We are very grateful that there is no significant damage to any of the irreplaceable elements within our historic building, such as the stained glass around the Council Room, the collections of art, or the historical collections and records. Early next week we will have a conservator onsite to do a full damage assessment and provide greater details on whether anything has been impacted by minor amounts of soot or water.  

Reminder that crisis.royalcollege.ca 

Recent events, both the storm in May and this small fire, are a reminder of the importance of staying connected.  In the event of any kind of crisis (including our website going down), regular updates will be available on this site (crisis.royalcollege.ca).  

The CMT leads are extremely grateful to the dedicated team who has been providing support onsite and behind the scenes, all of whom have helped contributed to minimizing the impact of this event.  We also know that many of you are trying to plan for meetings this summer and fall.  Please know that a lot is happening behind the scenes, and we will be sharing details with you as soon as we have them. We anticipate that our next update to you will be toward the end of next week.  

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